Wednesday 29 November 2023

7 Mistakes When Choosing CMS

When developing a website, we need to use proper content management system. This will ensure that we are able to run our website properly. With CMS, we often don’t need to have much knowledge on various technological stuff, to create an appealing and fully functional websites that have plenty of features. However, we could still some mistakes when it comes to choosing the proper content management system. There are some mistakes that we need to address.

  1. We ignore our business requirements: Some business owners rush to buy or install content management system, without bearing in mind specific business requirements. There would be a big problem when CMS and business fail to synchronize. It means that we could end up paying much more, even if we have used a free, open-source CMS. It’s generally imperative to allocate enough time, so we will understand our business requirements. Often, proper CMS should take care of our business and personal requirements.
  2. We don’t study the CMS carefully: Each CMS provide unique solution and it is essential to make sure that we take the time to study specific things. It means that we are able to get the proper benefits for our company and personal uses.
  3. We make assumptions that a specific CMS will take care of it all: It is true that CMS platforms are typically made as versatile systems that can cater to all needs. However, we should carry out enough research, before contracting or purchasing one.
  4. We limit our options: When choosing CMS, we shouldn’t limit our options and other than three of the popular CMS, WordPress, Joomla and Drupal; there are also more than a dozen of usable CMS that are available for free. We may also obtain premium CMS from specific vendors that can provide us with unique solutions.
  5. We don’t keep things simple: When evaluating CMS, we should also need to cater for specific requirements. It is important for us to look into things that we need from CMS. If we don’t do this, it is possible that we will spend more. For small business, a simple and free CMS is sufficient. We should consider if we have added things that are unnecessary for our business and personal requirements.
  6. We don’t obtain CMS for clear reasons: We shouldn’t obtain CMS without proper reason. It is important for us to compare different vendors and products. This should allow us obtain good reasons for choosing a CMS.
  7. We don’t know how a CMS runs: Before getting a CMS, we should know how it could run. In general, CMS should be user friendly and we should know that it’s our consumer who will use the website. It means that the success of online business depends on how the overall system works.

There are a number of methods that allow us to achieve business success and CMS is only one of them. We shouldn’t overlook areas of business that need to be covered with CMS functionality.