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7 Smartphone Trends To Watch Out In 2017!

7 Smartphone Trends To Watch Out In 2017!

As we cannot resist smartphone addiction so the similar way we can also not resist finding out latest happenings from the world of smartphones.

Honestly, this upcoming year is going to be extremely great most specifically for those who are more into the smartphone and cannot think of life without them.

If you do some research so you will find that the smartphone market is growing day by day and people hardly stick to one specific kind of smartphone for the longest period of time.

In 2017, you will find lots of great features in smartphones which will really ignite you to buy any of the trendy smartphones of 2017.

But before you actually make up your mind to buy any upcoming smartphones, you must go through some great smartphone trends of 2017.

Followings are some great smartphone trends of 2017, so make sure you do not ignore them.

1.     New Trendy Designs

It is fact that 2017 will be the year of those smartphones which will have trendy and classy designs. Those who do not know so Samsung is on a mission to come up with foldable smartphones. Now it is yet to see whether Samsung will really come up with those kinds of smartphones or not, but one thing is fact that people are waiting for that desperately.

2.     Faster LTE

In the future, LTE speeds will really boost up with highly advanced modems. And you must know that the download speed will go up to 1Gbps. It means in future you will hold a smartphone that will make you download anything within few minutes.

3.     Edge To Edge Displays

No doubt, there are smartphones consists of thinner bezels. And with keeping that in mind, you should also know that 2017 will be the year which will reveal smartphones with having edge-to-edge displays consisting of thinnest bezels.

4.     Bluetooth 5.0

If you do not know so the Bluetooth SIG has recently come up with Bluetooth 5.0. Honestly, it will really inspire people as it is the technology which has the capability of traveling through various walls and reducing distractions in Bluetooth connections among various devices. So get ready to leverage it to share anything with your loved ones without facing any problem.

5.     USB-C

In the upcoming year, you will see that USB-C will be replacing the micro-USB 2.0 ports that are on Android devices. If you talk about USB-C, so it is the great connector in order to transmit both power and data. Keep in mind that you can also use it for connecting your smartphone to any monitor consisting of high-definition.

6.     Dual-Camera System

You will have used high-end smartphones comprising of dual cameras and in 2017 you will witness that all the major smartphones will be adopting dual cameras in order to ensure better image processing. So it means that this specific feature will not confine to only high-end smartphones.

7.     10nm Processor Technology

10nm processor is what which will really boost up the performance of smartphones in 2017 so get ready to use the smartphone consisting of this particular processor. One of the greatest attributes of this is that it will ensure an extremely outstanding performance of smartphones. If you dig out the tech world so you will find that people are really excited about 10nm processor.

Above-mentioned are highly prominent smartphone trends which will you witness in 2017. A smartphone consisting of all the above-mentioned features will increase your smartphone addiction so make sure you are ready for that.

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