Sunday 03 March 2024

Android Marshmallow: Explore Best Features Of Android Marshmallow

Google has come up with another new update of their Android version. This 6th upgrade, that Google has introduced for the Android users is surely going to change the definition of using smartphones altogether. This time with this version it has made quite a buzz in the market because this version has some amazing new features which are going to thrill everyone. It’s time to check out some of the most striking features for which people are going crazy after it.

USB Type-C

The USB Type-C is recognised as the most advanced and lightening fast connection. This is going to reign in the coming years. Now, you can use this super fast connectivity with marshmallow. It can help you to charge your phone in maximum 2 hours time.

Google Now Tap

This is the biggest and killer feature which you can get in the marshmallow. With this digital assistant, keeping track of all your activities would be much easier and faster.

Adopted Storage

When you insert your memory card your phone treat the same like a separate entity, but with adopted storage technology you can use your SD card without any problem.

Android Pay

No more do you have to keep track of all your debit and credit cards. With the help of Android Pay you can save all of them for future transactions without any hassle. It also comes with a separate account feature which looks after the security issues.

Personalized Lockscreen Message

Though this addition is not one of the greatest but still it can add some value and help you to personalise your phone.

Easier Storage

Android marshmallow comes with an intelligent storage management. With this you can see the detailed break up of your space usage and how you can manage it effectively.

Smoother App 

In order to give the users a seamless browsing experience, marshmallow has come up with some intelligent features which make it smoother and easier.

Battery Doze & standby

Now with this version of Android, you don’t have to lose your battery juice for the seldom used apps because with the App standby function, you can limit the use of battery by the apps. Furthermore, with doze, marshmallow can send your phone to sleep mode and save a great deal of your battery juice.

Fingerprint Scanners

Though this concept is still used by various smartphones, this technology would be fully used in this version only. You can do lot more with this feature apart from only locking the phone.

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