Friday 12 April 2024

Are you also waiting for the release of HTC One M10?

Are you also waiting for the release of HTC One M10? Well, the love and craze for this new model is quite obvious as it hails from the one and only HTC series which has ruled in the world of Smartphone since it has hit the market in 2013. It is quite true that people were bit disappointed with HTC One M9, but as it is said that, “our mistakes are the best teachers”, HTC has also learn from this failure. Thus, we can expect that there would be lot more improvements in this new model.

The internet has numerous articles related to the most probable features of this amazing model, but it is very difficult to ascertain the degree of truth in it. Through this page we have endeavoured to bring about the most precise picture of this fabulous Smartphone just for you. So, read further and know yourself about its likely features:

  • New name: A new name is suggested for it which could be something as HTC Two. The internetrumours are saying that HTC has planned the new name for leaving no room of its comparison with HTFC One M9.
  • Possible time of launch: It is in air that it would be releasing very soon February or March of this year, i.e. 2016.
  • Processor:The underperformance of HTC One M9 was probably due to the problems in Snapdragon 810. So, we may have a superfast Qualcomm processor, Snapdragon 820 in the new model, HTC One M10.
  • Storage: The RAM in this would be of 4 GB. The 64 GBor 128 GB storage options would also be available.
  • Battery:A 3500SAh superbbattery is quite likely in HTC One M10.
  • Camera: The camera was not good in HTTC One. But the internetrumours are suggesting an excellent camera of 5 Mp front camera with 27 Mp back camera. So, we can expect to capture beautifully some amazing moments.
  • Body: The HTC One M10 is likely to have a waterproof body in the aluminum frame.
  • Screen: The standard screen of HTC series is5in long and has 1920x1080displays; it could also be seen in the HTC One M10. But since HTC lacked QHD resolution, which left it far behind the competitors in spite of having a big screen; we can expect to find QHD in the new handset. It is also in the air that the screen would be a big one of 6in.
  • Price: We have seen that with every new release, the price of the HTC is raised a bit. It was 550 pound for HTC One M8 and 579 pound for HTC One M9; so it can be 610 pound for HTC One M10.

We hope through our article you are able to know what HTC One M10, is going to offer you. We would be bringing more news and updates in this context. Keep visiting.