Sunday 19 May 2024

Cell Phone Radiation Case

Cell Phone Radiation Case

The science behind cell phone radiation is very clear-the electromagnetic radiation of your mobiles may cause significant harm to your sperm count. The sperm exposed to mobile radiation are less viable, less mobile and also prone to mutation and genetic damage. It may also cause some changes in hormones which harm reproduction.

Though some scientists and the mobile industry insist that no danger is there in using mobile phones, there are an increasing number of public officials who claim that the danger does exist. You might have heard of solutions like using a headset to take calls, text rather than talk, and take fewer calls if you are under a low network area since more RF energy is released when the phone confronts difficulty to reach a network tower. But, such advices are not very practical since you have to take calls many a times even if you do not want to.

How to protect your body from radiation? 

Aires technology has a feasible solution for you. You can use a cell phone radiation case to protect you and your family from harmful effects of RF energy. This case keeps the radiations away from the head but does not reduce the strength of signal. It means that you can still use your phone normally while using this radiation case.

If you think that the claim sounds false, you have all the rights to think so. Aires technology gives you a shield which throws the worry of your mind out of the window while you are using electronic devices. You can function normally in your daily business as if you never heard of cell phone radiation.

How does it work? 

A radio frequency refers to an electromagnetic wave which is typically employed in communication like the way we do with our cell phones. An RF electromagnetic field implies the electromagnetic field developed by radio frequency. You need to neutralize and protect your body from such EMFs.

The microprocessors of Aires Technologies neutralize the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation of cell phones. Thus, the dangers created by these radiations are removed.

Some remarkable things about radiation protection shields 

Clinically approved

All the devices of this technology are tested vigorously. Moreover, they are approved and verified by independent scientific and medical facilities. Thus, you do not have to worry about the authenticity of such products.

Awards and certifications

The products are recognized internationally and they have also won various awards.

Patent approved

All the products of Aires technology use exclusive technologies that are patented in order to attain maximum protection from cell phone radiation.

Offered for all devices

You can procure these products for all kinds of personal devices, like laptop, mobile, tablets, etc. Thus, the options of purchase are not limited to mobiles only.

You must hold command over your health and put a full stop to the avoidable risks linked with radiation of cell phones. The cell phone radiation cases are compact, powerful and above all, affordable. You do not have to take the risk of even one more day under the shadow of EMF radiation when you have the right protection accessible so easily. Just spare out a few seconds and buy the cell phone radiation case immediately.