Thursday 18 April 2024

Choosing Fitness and Health Mobile Apps

Choosing Fitness and Health Mobile Apps

Today, there is a mobile app for just about anything, including medical tracking, dieting and personal training. There are great fitness apps available for our Android, BlackBerry and iPhone. These apps should make medical tracking a snap, calories counting easier and exercising fun. As an example, these apps could assist us during core exercises, stretches, yoga and pilates. We could find an app that provides us with step by step workout directions complete with pictures. They should also make it very easy to track our workout progress. Some apps have instructions and pictures of hundreds of exercises that can strengthen specific areas of our body. Other important features are goals setting, custom workout creations and workout logs.

A fitness app should be robust and pleasing to the eye. It is a good idea if we get a reading section to allow us read informative content related to exercises, workouts and health. Others capabilities should be push notifications, accountability reports, goal calendar and daily exercises. They should be a perfect way to meet our exercise goals, no matter how tough they are. We could track fitness progress with colourful graphs. It is a good idea if we can track nutrition and see exercise instructions.

Good running apps should be equipped with elevation information and apps. There should be an ability to upload essential workout information. Running data can be shared on Twitter and Facebook. There should be updates that can be sent automatically to social media networks while we are running. Check if the running app includes playlist options, heart rate counter and any kind of training programs.

The king of running apps should allow users to see the progress graphs, share their progress in social media, set goals, define workout paths on a map and others. We should try to get feature packed apps that are compatible for biking, walking and also rollerblading. We could also use nutritional information that can help us track our calorific intake. Some apps can be synced with a distant server where there are updated lists of healthy recipes that we can access quickly. Calories counter apps should help us get nutritional information on any food. We could track daily activities and keep a dietary journal. Overall, we need to keep track of anything we want to eat.

There are also First Aid and CPR apps that can help us save lives during emergency times. We could get instructions for first aid checklists, emergency procedures and other things. Some apps can help us deal with sudden heart attacks, electrical shocks, insect bites, handling of venom poisoning and others. An important thing is to find apps with illustrated instructions and videos as well as direct access to emergency numbers.

We could also have medical history right on our fingertips. Some apps can help us organize medical history, such as weight and height at specific times. Other information we could include can be insurance information, allergies, drug prescriptions and others.