Thursday 18 April 2024

Ensure Text Monitoring Of Your Child and Make Him Mend His Ways

Children are like plants. When they are growing up, they require the correct amount of supervision. If a plant is not takenproper care of, then it tends to get dry and dull and eventually falls off. Too much wateringof a plant is not recommended as well, asit can have negative consequences. Similarly, children need to be given the correct amount of supervision and nothing of an extreme nature should be entertained. With SMS messages being the most common way of communication between children, text monitoringof your kids could help solve your problem. This is where a spy software Xnspy could be of immense help to you.

How can Xnspy help you?

Xnspy gives parents access to the entire cell phone data of their child from anywhere in the world. Parents simply need to do 2 little things. Firstly, make an account at and secondly install Xnspy in your child’s cell phone and the rest is history. Now parents can view their child’s cell phone data simply by logging in to their Xnspy account whenever and wherever they wish to.

What other features does Xnspy have?

Xnspy provides its users with a wide range of simply marvelous features. These features provide you:

• Access to all the SMS messages sent and received by your child. You can also view the messages saved in drafts and even the messages deleted by your child from their cell phone.
• Access to all the calls dialed and received on your child’s cell phone. This record shows you the time and duration of each call as well. You also have the option to record a particular call or record all the calls if you want to.
• With the exact location of your child at any given time. This feature works with the help of the GPS in your child’s cell phone and is known as Geo Location.
• Access to all the Pictures and Video files in your child’s cell phone.
• The facility to record the surroundings of your child’s cell phone at any time you want.
• Access to the entire web browsing history of your child.
• Access to all the contact numbers in your child’s Phonebook.
• Access to all the e-mails of your child.


Xnspy is compatible with different cell phone models. These include:

• All the latest iPhone modelsup to iPhone 6S. This includes all phones with an operating system of iOS 6.0 or more.
• HTC, Huawei, Samsung, Sony, Motorola. Lenovo, Dell, Acer and other Android phones with an operating system of 2.3 and above.

Balanced Supervision:

A brilliant customer support team is in place to help users sort out all issues of customers. With the experience that this team has, no issue or clients remains unattended, no matter what. With the help of Xnspy, parents can ensure text message monitoring of their children and control the over usage of SMS messages by them. This is a perfect example of balanced supervision of your child. Xnspy helps sort things out for you with minimal effort.