Wednesday 22 May 2024

Fit In A Bit: Comparing 4 Types Of Fitness Trackers

Are you looking to boost your fitness, but you aren’t sure where to start? Fitness trackers are handy little gadgets that will act as pedometers, heart rate monitors, and even sleep trackers. Make a list of the qualities you want in a fitness gadget and you’re sure to find one to suit your needs. Here are four options to get you introduced to fitness trackers.

The Polar Loop

This gadget is one of the very few trackers on the market that is 100 percent waterproof. Swimmers and triathletes are often left out of the tracker world because these devices can’t be used during swimming. The Loop is very customizable in size as you have to cut the band to fit your wrist. It syncs easily with its iPhone app and comes with computer software for customizable tracking. It’s also unique because you can set daily goals that don’t revolve around how many steps you’ve taken that day and tailor the goals to your fitness plans.

Jawbone Up Move

This device is great if you’re on a budget and want something simple and basic. The Jawbone Up Move has a battery that lasts six months and tracks your sleep, steps, and daily calorie burn. It also starts to learn your daily habits and gives you tips in the app to lose weight, move more, or burn more calories. The sensor is small, discreet, and comes in a variety of fun colors.

Garmin Vivoactive Watch

A fitness watch is more involved than a simple tracker. It’s compatible with MyFitnessPal and iOS and Android phones. It is water resistant, so you can track your workouts even while you swim. The watch has GPS to track your runs, walks, and hikes, and it will also track your sleep at night, too. Choose from colorful silicon bands or work-friendly leather straps.

Fitbit Charge

The Fitbit Charge (eligible for Discountrue coupons) is one of the most popular on the market. It monitors your heart rate, which is a crucial piece of data for runners and bicyclists. Tracking your heart rate also gives you a more accurate idea of how many calories you’ve burned. It tracks your sleep, and you can even use it to set a silent alarm to gently awaken you in the morning. Enjoy the accuracy of a heart rate monitor, pedometer, and sleep tracker without the uncomfortable use of a chest strap.

Fitness trackers are becoming almost as popular as smartphones. It doesn’t matter if you’re training for a triathlon or you simply want to track your nightly walks, there are fitness trackers that will suit your needs perfectly.