Friday 14 June 2024

How To Make Your App Get Found On The App Store

If you are an app developer and you want to make your app be found, you can achieve your goal by using the technic of App Store Optimization. This process is the way for your app to be on the top list of the apps featured in the app store. So, if you are having the thought of about creating a brand new app, you should have a clear idea about this ASO process. ASO is very much similar to Search Engine Optimization where the developers make use of various technics and strategies in optimizing the Meta data of the website so that they can make their app easier to get reached by the users. The search engines are based on certain algorithms which find the information related to the search words. App store is also a search engine which has millions of apps of every utility possible on the digital platform. ASO only makes it easy for the app to come out on the top of the app store. Apps like the 9app use the ASO efficiently to get queued in the top list, always.

The basic concept of ASO

ASO is the best organic option to make your app visible and reachable to the app store users. Like the 9app found on the app store. The conventional marketing tactics involve to spike the number of downloads and get a top rank. In a case of the ASO, it is used to gain a consistent and high speed of the app over a period. On the surface level, SEO and ASO are basically the same by their process. An app can be optimized in two ways, like the In-app optimization and Off-app optimization. On-app optimization focuses on the following attributes, developer, screenshots, description and app name, while the off-app revolves around backlinks, speed of the download, social reach, ratings and reviews of the users. Most of the developers and marketers have their bird’s eye only on the capturing of high speed of huge volume of downloads in a small period. This is an expensive approach and the reward may or may not be fruitful as expected.

How to apply the ASO for your app for the app store

You have to understand your customers and their demands before the implementation of ASO on your app for the app store. You have to build the app by keeping in mind what purpose it serves and what the customers might eventually search for in the store so that the app can appear on the list of the top results. Conduct a research and get to know about the possible keywords as the part of the optimization process. If you have no experience, then you might eventually get help from the internet on this enrichment process of your app. You should give the name of your app which has relevance with the function of it like Fontwell for any app based on usage of various fonts for your device text.