Wednesday 22 May 2024

How To Register For Gmail, Create Gmail Account On Phone

How To Register For Gmail, Create Gmail Account On Phone

Create Gmail account  so that you’ll have an E – mailbox which serves your work or entertainment on mobile phone. Today, Gmail or Google accounts can share many different useful services, so, how to sign up for a Gmail account. Let’s read instructions below.

Gmail account or Google account now not only receives mail, e-mail but also provides users with convenient services of Google, today we will guide you how to sign up Gmail account on phone for iPhone, Android, Windows phone, BB10,…

Sign up for Gmail account on iPhone

Step 1: You need to turn on Wifi or 3G before performing.

Start Safari browser and access to or address.

On Iphone, there is also app for Gmail which is Gmail for iOS, you should download and use it to facilitate the future use.

Step 2: Pull down to the bottom of the page and click Create an account.

Step 3: Fill out the information requested by Gmail. Here you will fill out all information such as: full name, username, phone number …


  • You should choose a username which is distinct and not similar to others’.
  • You must enter the correct phone number to be able to activate the account and retrieve the password in case you forget it.
  • The password you enter into two lines must be the same, and has at least 8 characters.
  • You must check 2 positions which are Prove you’re not a robot to skip verification and I agree with the terms of service and privacy policies of Google.
  • Your current email address: You can fill in or leave this item blank.

Click Continue after having checked all the information.

Step 4: Google will require you to re-verify your account through your phone number you registered. Here you can edit your phone number for accuracy. Select Text message (SMS) then click Continue

Step 5: Enter the verification code that Google sends to you. The process of getting a message can be up to 15 minutes. If you do not receive the message, back to step 3.

Google verification code includes 6 characters. Click Continue and complete the registration, now you have already been able to use Gmail – Gmail login.

Sign up for Gmail account on Android and Windows phone are quite similar. You can apply this easy guide!

So, we have instructed you how to register for Gmail, create Gmail and sign up for Gmail account on phone for Android, Windows phone and Iphone. Read the note, follow the instructions to create a new Gmail account on your phone.

Good luck!