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How To Use Android Device Tracker

How To Use Android Device Tracker

The exact minute when we find out that our phone has gone missing has the ability to miss out several of our heart beats. It is an unexplainable gut wrenching feeling that can cause a numbness to evade our senses where we do not know what to do. But now, fortunately, and with the major help of Google you have the hope to track down your lost android phone.

There are apps available on the Google play store that can be downloaded and run which in the case of a lost phone can remotely track the device and its location on the Google map. But what if you have not installed any such apps on your smartphone? Now when your phone is lost I am sure you do not want to hear about what are the consequences of not installing android device tracker app in your phone. You would definitely like to know the other options if any to retrieve your lost phone. For more information on android device tracker apps and their uses you can log on to the site:

Google’s Android Device Manager

Google’s Android device manager is a boon for people with smartphones without the mobile tracker app preinstalled. There are three ways of accessing the Android Device Manager:

  • Android device tracker through a computer
  • Tracking the phone through another android phone
  • Use of device tracker iPhone way or any other smartphone

Let us see all the above ways of accessing the Android Device Manager and tracking down a lost android phone:

  1. Android device tracker through computer:

Immediately access the nearest computer and connect to the internet. Access Google Chrome and log in with your Google account. Type the words ‘where is my phone’ in the Google search box. Immediately Google performs a search and loads a small android device manager window inside the SERP. Here, you may have to again mention your Google ID and then it immediately starts a search for your android device. In case you use multiple devices you can select the lost device from the drop down menu. Within a few seconds the device manager is able to locate your phone and provides the time of the last use of the phone along with its location with an accuracy range. If you find that the phone is away from you and you are afraid for the safety of its content you can remotely erase the data of the phone and also lock it. If you locate your phone on the device manager as to be somewhere near you, you have the option to command the phone to ring it. The phone will start ringing on full volume for 5 minute during which it would be easy to locate your phone.

  1. Tracking the phone through another android phone:

It is quite possible that you may not have access to a computer standing in the middle of the road where you have realized you have lost your phone. Do not fret. You can still locate your phone from another android device which can work as an android device tracker for you. What you just have to do is install the Android Device Manager app and voila!! You are back in business!! Follow the steps as mentioned while using a computer to access the android device manager and in no time you can retrieve back your phone.

  1. Use of device tracker iPhone way or any other smartphone:

Not everybody owns multiple smartphone devices. In such cases you can any smartphone that is handy in the form of device tracker iPhone also is acceptable. Access the web on the device tracker iPhone and conduct a search on Google for android device manager and snap!! You are in. once you are signed in you can track your phone using the same procedure discussed above. Immediately track and locate the phone or also lock it remotely. Choice is yours.

The full credit for locating a lost phone should be given to Google who has done a stupendous job by developing the android device manager which at least provides with a hope of retrieving the lost or stolen device back.


Android device manager from Google for android device tracker

Android device manager is software developed by Google which is useful in locating lost or stolen android phones through a computer or any other android device. It also helps in remotely erasing the data of the phone for security reasons and then locks it.