Thursday 18 April 2024

Mobile Disasters and How To Avoid Them

We have come to rely heavily on our mobile devices, and here we store some of our most important data. While this technology offers us the ability to take our information with us on the go, it also opens up the possibility of a plethora of disasters. In order to best ensure you don’t fall victim, there are some common ones to be aware of and know how to avoid them.

The Dog Ate My Phone

We love our animals, and they quickly make their way into our hearts. However, many have a tendency to chew things other than their toys. Aside from the scratches and chew marks they leave, they can also damage the inner workings with their drool. Always make sure you keep your mobile devices out of reach of pets.

Don’t Walk and Text

We have all been warned of the dangers of texting while driving. While we live in a society highly dependent on multitasking, it’s simply not possible to pay adequate attention to both your phone and the road. The same principle holds true when it comes to walking and texting. You run the risk of walking into a brick wall, tripping, or a number of other possibilities. Don’t use your device until you have time to sit down and focus 100 percent of your attention to it, or at least use hands-free or voice commands.


We love the fact that our mobile devices are small and able to be easily transported from place to place. Unfortunately, it’s this very feature that makes it so easy for thieves to steal them. They can easily make a quick buck pawning your smartphone. Other things thieves can do when they get ahold of your mobile device include:

  • Steal your identity
  • Ruin your credit
  • Release sensitve personal files for public display

In short, stolen data can be worth a lot to you, more then the physical  value of your device, so it might be worth to back it up on time and install systems that allow you to remotely wipe your phone.

Back Pocket Dilemmas

It’s very common for people to put their cell phones in their back pockets. Not only do they fit nicely, but they are also easy to grab and able to be felt on vibrate. However, there are a few hang-ups. For starters, it’s very easy for them to slip out when using the restroom, and the most likely landing point is in the toilet. Furthermore, when you sit down, it’s possible to crush the device with your body weight. While it’s convenient to put your phone in your back pocket, it’s a good idea to avoid doing so.

Extreme Temperatures

Across the country, there are many climates. During the summer and winter, temperatures can become extreme, and this isn’t good news for your mobile devices. For the warm temperatures, one of the most common issues is leaving devices in the car. The inside of your car on a day with temperatures of just 86 degrees can get up to 133 degrees. It’s just as dangerous to leave your phone in the car during the winter. Cold temperatures pose a number of unique threats including:

  • Bubbling molecules that can lead to permanent damage
  • Dimming LCD lights
  • Slowing of chemical reaction of the batteries, making the power deplete more quickly


While the Internet has proven to be a valuable tool, there is always that small percentage that misuses it. Malware isn’t just a threat to your personal computer. With an increase in data usage on our mobile devices, more people are falling victim to infiltration. This can be particularly dangerous considering the fact that many of your apps contain instant access to sensitive information such as bank statements. Now is the best time to protect yourself, so invest in an antivirus software before things go awry. If you don’t want to fork out money for this, there are also free alternatives that are quite good, too.

When You Least Expect It

When it comes to our mobile devices, disaster can strike, and when it does, it happens when you least expect it. The best way to prepare for these types of problems is to understand that it can happen to you. By making yourself aware of the ways to avoid these events, you can reduce your chances of falling victim.