Sunday 16 June 2024

Various Softphones Based On SIP

In many organisation or companies, you may have seen softphone which are deployed by traditional phones. People, who want to give best customer service to their customers, use softphone. VoIP softphone are in trend because employee will able to receive calls from PC. Employee will also receive calls from their landline phone. There are number of IPPBX based platforms such as Asterisk and Trixbox. All IPPBX and SIP based softphones are totally free and customers do not need to pay any single rupee for using such facility.  If you want some other extra benefits, then you may have to pay low cost. It is not necessary that you will get calls only on windows operating system. Customers will also use VoIP softphone on all operating system like android, iOS, Linux and MAC.

There are various benefits of VoIP softphone for windows users, which are given below:

  • Simple, easy and quick installation
  • Too much saving on telecom bills, specially phone call bills
  • Next generation softphone which is based on open standards
  • Simple and easy user interface with buttons and VoIP dialer
  • Totally free – no need to pay licensing fees and administration charges
  • Wide network installation will be easy for you using MSI installation

Softphone provider has used hi – technology in VoIP based phones to make communication easy for long distance. Phone calls will be free from VoIP provider because you have to make calls using internet connection instead of traditional phone calls. Softphone has number of unique features which are like customized skin interface, touch tone, last number redial, call timer, speaker volume control, address book, micro phone volume control, work with full duplex sound card.

There are number of SIP softphones with SIP dialer. Some of famous SIP softphones are here and you may also choose any one from this list:

  • XLite from counterpath
  • QuteCom
  • Zolper
  • Express talk
  • Diax
  • Adore softphone
  • Flash phone
  • Yaka phone
  • Twinkle
  • Phoner

Anti blocking system in all SIP based softphones is surpasses all restrictions and blocking in the area where VoIP is banned or available with lower bandwidth. Softphone designed its software to provide you cost effective, high quality, user-friendly, reliable tunnel and calling over IP network anywhere. All softphone software are based on latest servers which are VPN and may be used with all internet enabled devices like android, windows PC.