Tuesday 23 April 2024

Watching Netflix Movies Offline Seems Easy With Movavi Screen Capture Studio

Netflix is a treasure for all the movie lovers online as the portals assures easy accession to a great library of flicks- as well as several TV shows & documentaries. The versatile collection of Netflix caters to every form of audience, irrespective of taste and interest. But you have to stay online to catch the Netflix movie or shows & the site unfortunately doesn’t have any app with which you could save your favorite movies in the hard drive.

But then again, what if you want to watch the Netflix movies even when you are offline? Well, you would be glad to know that it’s possible to watch your preferred Netflix movies from your computer or phone even when you are offline- thanks to Movavi Screen Capture Studio.

This is leading screen capture software which can record Netflix movies online and then it will save it in your computer so that you can enjoy them even when you are not online. Movavi itself is a globally recognized brand and the Screen Capture program is noted for its premium service. Here is a short brief on why the Movavi product would be a fantastic choice for you.

The Movavi Screen Capture Studio is extremely easy to use. You can even set your own recording parameters while you are capturing the Netflix movie with the Movavi program. While capturing the audio, the Movavi program enables you to adjust the volume as per your typical preferences.

Then, the Movavi program has an in-built timer where you can set your time limit and the Screen Capture Studio would stop automatically once the timer reaches to your specified time. The Movavi program is also designed to help you with a great host of editing tasks. Besides, as a Movavi user you can transfer the captured video into any popular video and mobile phone format.

Below is a note on how to use the Movavi program to capture a Netflix movie:

  • Download & install Movavi Screen Capture in your computer.
  • Go to your Netflix video & then launch the software.
  • Set your recording parameters. Click on Capture Screen as the program starts. Open up Select Capture Area & position recording frame over Netflix video.
  • Click on REC & start the capturing process. In case you want to cancel or stop the recording, there are Cancel, Stop or Pause buttons for you.
  • Go to Save As & click on Video and audio to pick your desired format.
  • If you want to transfer the video in a mobile phone format, choose your desired format from Devices.
  • Finally, click on Save.